Free Spectrum Analysis Software: Spectrum Manager Spectrum Compact

Spectrum Manager PC

Part of Spectrum Compact Series

Powerful tool at no extra cost

By purchasing any of Spectrum Compact devices you also get Spectrum Manager PC software for free. This software was designed as a complementary addition to our Spectrum Compact devices, that allows working either with saved measurement data (offline mode) or directly controlling the spectrum analyzer (real-time mode).


The Spectrum Manager provides you with a variety of functions, such as power-in-band measurement, overlay statistical approach and signal tracing with MIN/MAX/AVG hold options.

PC Manager Operating Modes Comparison

Available Functions  Real-Time (Control) Mode  Offline (Analyze) Mode
Remote control of Spectrum Compact +
MAX/MIN/FREQ/DELTA  signal markers + +
Signal tracking:  MAX/MIN/AVG +
Power-in-band measurement + +
Use overlay to gather spectrum statistics + +
Create signal masks for comparison + +
Save images and raw spectrum files + +
Add GPS files +
Create PDF reports +
Update Spectrum Compact +
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