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Spectrum Manager PC software

By purchasing any of Spectrum Compact devices you also get a Spectrum Manager PC software for free. This software was designed as a complementary addition to our Spectrum Compact devices, that allows working in both ways – with saved measurement data and direct control of the unit itself. The Spectrum Manager can be used in both real-time (together with a Spectrum Compact device) and offline modes, and provides you with a variety of functions, such as: PiB (Power in Band), overlay and min/max hold. Spectrum Manager software gives additional value to Spectrum Compact users by improving the use of current applications and offering additional ones.

Real-time control functions Offline –
analyze mode functions
Intuitive and user-friendly GUI + +
Remote control function with Spectrum Compact analyzer +
10 markers with options MAX/MIN/FREQ/DELTA + +
Trace controls: AVG 2/4/8/16; Hold MAX/MIN/MINMAX +
Power in Band + +
Overlay + +
Create masks + +
Save images and raw spectrum files + +
Add GPS files +
Create reports +
Update Spectrum Compact Analyzer +
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