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What are the advantages of Spectrum Compact device?

The advantages of SAF Spectrum Compact device are following:

  1. Small and light form factor, easy to use in the field, on sites
  2. Built-in resistive touchscreen LCD
  3. Receiver sensitivity (-105 dBm)
  4. Possibility to connect to any antenna
  5. Easy and quick saving of spectrum scans
  6. Possibility to use in whole microwave link life-cycle: for site survey, Line of Sight investigation, for antenna alignment, link commissioning, troubleshooting
  7. No hidden costs – all updates, PC software included in the price
Is it possible to save the measurements of spectrum curves in order to review them later? Is it possible to create reports?

Yes, it is possible. Saving the spectrum scan is possible by pressing “Save” button on LCD touchscreen. Is it possible to review the file in Spectrum Compact devices, as well as download it to the PC and review it on the PC with free software – Spectrum Manager. Spectrum manager software also provides the possibility to create reports including spectrum curve and site related information.

How is Spectrum Compact used for antenna alignment?

One of the applications where Spectrum Compact can be used is antenna alignment. Spectrum Compact can be connected to the antenna directly and used as the receiver. On the other side of the link, microwave radio will work as the transmitter. Another option is to use Spectrum Generator device as the transmitter on the remote side of the link. During antenna alignment, it is recommended to enable “Maxhold” function to find the main lobe of the signal. When the signal is found and tuned to the highest possible level, Power In Band function can be enabled to observe exact signal Rx level in order to fine-tune the antennas and to reach the calculated Rx level. For more details refer to SAF technical support team at techsupport@saftehnika.com

Can Spectrum Compact be used with any radio system?

Yes, Spectrum Compact can detect signals from any microwave radios in frequencies from 10 MHz – 43 GHz, V-band frequencies and E-band frequencies.

What difference is acceptable between the measured Rx level and the calculated Rx level in order to consider the signal clear?

Common practice is that difference between measured Rx level and calculated RX level shouldn’t be more than 1 to 3dB, however, you have to take into account accuracy of Spectrum Compact – for Continuous Wave (CW) signal at temperature 21oC, it is +/-1dB, for all temperature range it is +/-3dB.

For which frequency bands is the Spectrum Compact available?

Spectrum Compact supports following frequency ranges: 10 MHz – 43 GHz, 56-71 GHz (V-band) and 70-87 GHz (E-band). Frequency range 10 MHz – 43 GHz is covered by five Spectrum Compact devices in following frequency ranges accordingly: 10-3000 MHz, 2-8 GHz, 6-20 GHz, 16-26.5 GHz, 24-43 GHz.

What is the battery life of Spectrum Compact device?

Battery life of Spectrum Compact device is up to 4 hours (depends on device type). But it is possible to extend it by using power banks.

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