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If the failure of an SAF manufactured product cannot be resolved remotely, it will be given a Return Materials Authorization (“RMA”)number and should be returned to SAF by completing the RMA form at and then shipping the non-functioning product in its original packaging (or packaging providing a similar level of protection) to one of the facilities below.



Standard shipping address is:

SAF Tehnika
RMA Dep.
24a Ganibu dambis
Riga LV-1005


All North American customers should ship their products to:


SAF North America, LLC
3250 Quentin Street, Unit 128
Aurora, Colorado 80011
(720) 502-0728


Any products returned to Latvia from outside of the European Union should include an invoice for customs purposes. Such invoice should contain:

  • the RMA number
  • the product number
  • the product’s serial number
  • the product’s value
  • the product’s delivery terms
  • and the following statement: “Not for payment. For custom purposes only.”

All returns shall be sent to SAF at the customer’s expense, and shall not be considered delivered until they arrive at SAF’s facilities. SAF assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any products damaged while in transit to SAF’s facilities. SAF strongly recommends the customer purchase an appropriate amount of insurance from the carrier they use to return the product(s) to SAF.

 Shipping & Abandonment.

Any nonfunctioning product remaining in SAF’s possession for three months after a customer receives an invoice for repairs because the customer has failed to pay the invoice in question, shall be considered abandoned. Any repaired product that remains in SAF’s possession for more than three months after it is repaired due to the customer’s failure to pay for the repairs or related shipping costs shall likewise be considered abandoned. A customer’s rights in all abandoned products shall be considered forfeit and SAF shall have the right to reprocess such products in any manner it sees fit.

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