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For decades carriers have operated in frequencies that range from 0.6 to 2.7 GHz. The propagation characteristics of these signals are well known, and in all but the toughest issues network quality of service can be managed remotely from a network operations center (NOC).


Commercial drones are changing the way cell tower companies audit and inspect their wireless infrastructure. They enable rapid, repeatable, and safe collection of high-resolution images and video of tower structures and equipment.


Spectrum Compact is the ultimate solution for site auditing from the ground level
SC users are often surprised, how easy it is to do site audits with the SC, to verify installed base of radios and if license conditions are met. It is done from the ground level by pointing a sensor antenna towards antennas on the tower. No need to climb towers or use bulky laboratory-grade equipment.

Indoor Signal Mapping

SAF Tehnika is an official partner of TRX Systems, a leader in GPS location tracking and mapping solutions. The integration of TRX’s NEON® Signal Mapper application with SAF’s hand-held spectrum analyzer provides an ideal solution for professionals who conduct in-building testing of public safety and commercial cellular networks.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

The demand for seamless connectivity across all platforms continues to grow. Consumers want to be able to take calls, video chat, and stream music wherever they are, sometimes simultaneously. While providing this bandwidth in an outdoor context has its own set of challenges, ensuring in-building coverage is even trickier with all the varying materials and indoor topography. DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) is mainly used for densely populated areas – shopping malls, stadiums, large office, government buildings, etc. All these locations require even distribution of network coverage.

Satellite Communications

In the past two decades, there has been a significant shift the satellite communications industry. The small sat and cube sat revolutions continue to drive down infrastructure costs. The vast amounts of data being generated by “smart” devices in the Maritime, Land, and Energy sectors require reliable links to monitor and maintain critical infrastructure. For Disaster-Recovery, reliable communication is even more important as communities need to be brought back on line and lives can be at stake. These systems are often deployed in harsh and challenging environments, adding to the difficulty of operatoring these critical communications links.

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