Spectrum Compact for EMSO

Spectrum Compact for EMSO

Spectrum Compact for Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

Front lines require fast solutions. Improve electromagnetic warfare agility with the SAF Tehnika radio frequency spectrum analyzer.

Coordinate frequency allocation, avoid interference, and use radio bands more efficiently with swept-tuned handheld analyzers. Light-weight and portable, Spectrum Compact helps ensure proper signal quality while avoiding interference. With an abundance of tests, tasks, and applications, this analyzer facilitates projects ranging from critical microwave communication to defense electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO).


Spectrum Compact with Log-periodic Antenna



  • Situational awareness: Spectrum analyzers provide continual insight into the electromagnetic spectrum. They help operators detect threats, identify interference, and make more informed decisions.


  • SATCOM maintenance: The Spectrum Compact assists in managing satellite communication (SATCOM) frequencies, optimizing bandwidth allocation, and preventing signal interference.


  • RF signature management: Growing reliance on electromagnetic physics means military force elements may be at greater risk of being seen, identified, and targeted by adversaries. Spectrum analyzers identify RF signatures, helping units minimize their own electronic footprint while detecting leaks from other entities.




Electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO)

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is employed for communication, radar, electronic warfare, intelligence gathering, and much more. EMSO ensures that a military can operate effectively and influence the electromagnetic environment of other entities.

All branches of the military have spectrum managers overseeing agile EMSO operations. Our spectrum analyzer contributes significantly to these efforts, helping cultivate efficient utilization of the electromagnetic spectrum.




Frontline operators using handheld analyzers could provide continual vigilance against unfriendly units. Simple to learn and controllable through gloves, these devices enjoy a proven track record of efficient electromagnetic battle management support.






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