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Satellite Communications

In the past two decades, there has been a significant shift the satellite communications industry. The small sat and cube sat revolutions continue to drive down infrastructure costs. The vast amounts of data being generated by “smart” devices in the Maritime, Land, and Energy sectors require reliable links to monitor and maintain critical infrastructure. For Disaster-Recovery, reliable communication is even more important as communities need to be brought back on line and lives can be at stake. These systems are often deployed in harsh and challenging environments, adding to the difficulty of operatoring these critical communications links.


SAF’s Spectrum Compact solution is the perfect tool for these scenarios. Whether setting up, verifying, or troubleshooting remote terminals, Spectrum Compact has you covered. The tool offers the performance of much larger, complex spectrum analyzers packed into a rugged, smartphone sized form factor. The use of a resistive touchscreen allows for operation while wearing gloves, while the display can be toggled to a high contrast mode for bright light situations. The device can record hundreds of hours of data for offline analysis using SAF’s Spectrum Manager software. In addition to these “hands on” features, Spectrum Compact can be easily set up in Spectrum Monitor mode and be controlled from a remote operations center. 


For operators building full motion antennas, finding a target to confirm signal during installation can be challenging in certain frequencies due to satellite availability. The SG Compact range of CW signal generators can be used to fulfill this need. The small form factor, simple operation, and full range of directional antennas ensure you always have a target signal available.


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