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Indoor Signal Mapping

A Complete Portable Solution Kit for Indoor Signal Mapping



Test signal coverage for critical communications and commercial cellular networks with Spectrum Compact record-light indoor signal mapping solution!


Our three-part mobile kit comprises a handheld spectrum analyzer, a clip-on NEON® Tracking Unit and a NEON® Signal Mapper app for your Android device. It is simple enough to use even for beginners without RF proficiency. Because of its compact, user-friendly interface, verifying in-building signal coverage is easier, quicker, and more affordable than ever.

You can find illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you navigate indoor signal mapping with Spectrum Compact Solution in the quick start guide. Learn how to operate Spectrum Compact and what other RF tests you can perform by trying the virtual demo.


Key Benefits

  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight stand-alone handheld analyzer: less than 600 g/21 oz
  • Perfect for mapping hard-to-reach areas in the building
  • Performs multiple frequency channel measurements during one walk
  • Saves time with seamless multiple-floor-walk tracking


Industry-Compliant Grid Reports

Spectrum Compact kit allows you to save the gathered data on your android device and is easily exported on a cloud-based NEON® command software for data analysis on a PC. NEON® command can generate grid test reports for contractors to verify and prove compliance with the IFC and NFPA requirements. To attain the issuance and retention of certificates of occupancy, recorded values can also be exported into multiple reporting systems, including iBwave.




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