Portable Field Spectrum Analysis Device for Utilities Wireless Operations

Utilities & Smart Grids: Spectrum Analyzer for Field Operations

Spectrum Compact is a robust yet versatile tool that can be used to perform various RF analysis, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance operations in the field.

How Can a Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Improve UtilitiesWireless Field Operations?

Modern-day utility services rely on radio communications more than ever. Ensure the strength and precision of your communication networks with Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzer  – a tool powerful enough to detect even the weakest signals and simple enough for anyone to use. Ultra-compact, lightweight, intuitive, and affordable, the Spectrum Compact will save you a lot of time and energy in RF field testing.




Spectrum Compact for Point-to-Point Wireless Links

Spectrum Compact is native to field RF work for deploying point-to-point wireless networks. Imagine your field crew performing antenna alignment, RF configuration, troubleshooting – this usually requires carrying heavy equipment. Spectrum Compact and its lightweight form factor is the right solution for ensuring your crew is efficient.


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Some of the routine operations Spectrum Compact is perfect for include:

  • Antenna alignment
  • line-of-sight verification
  • RF parameter verification
  • RF troubleshooting
  • RF interference detection and hunting


Deploying Point-to-Multipoint Network:

Building and managing smart grid networks can be a difficult task. The networks are loaded with different wireless technologies from IoT and smart metering to wireless sensor readings and legacy technologies like drive-by or walkthrough data collection.

You can use Spectrum Compact daily in many ways, including:

  • RF parameter verification
  • RF troubleshooting
  • RF interference detection and hunting
  • Signal strength mapping



Spectrum Compact can help make these tasks easier for the operators in the field:

  • Interference or RF signal availability awareness tests
  • RF channel availability verification and spectrum clearing
  • Indoor/outdoor signal strength coverage tests
  • RF troubleshooting

Network Planning

Whether you’re working with a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection, a crucial part of deploying and maintaining an effective wireless network is spot-on RF planning. Spectrum Compact can streamline the planning operations and save time by furnishing a toolkit that allows performing quick RF environment tests with a truly handheld device.

  • Site construction planning
  • Indoor/outdoor network coverage checks
  • Pre-deployment line-of-sight verification
  • Outdoor signal mapping for large-scale projects


Spectrum Compact is Designed for Efficient Use in the Field:

  • Its intuitive design allows beginners to quickly become independent in RF testing,
  • Its compact form fits into your hand and is light to carry,
  • It is affordable – you can buy only the frequency band you need.

Want to know more about this solution?

Ultra-portable 300MHz to 87GHz handheld swept-tuned spectrum analyzer.

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