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Spectrum Compact 5G Solutions: Cut 5G Deployment Expenses

With the 5G expanding more and more from FR1 (0.410-7.125 GHz) frequencies into mmWave FR2 (24+ GHz), carriers and integrators must deal with the link distance decreasing from kilometers to hundreds of meters. The resulting higher link density increases the amount of planning, deploying, and maintenance needed. SAF Tehnika offers a complete T&M solution that will help you save a serious chunk of money throughout this shift.


How To Find the Right Balance Between Saving on Equipment Costs and Time-Related Expenses?


On the one hand, you can be stuck using multimeters – the cheapest tool for very basic RF testing. This, however, means that every non-standard issue could take a day instead of minutes to detect, not to mention the time it would take to fix it. For example, proving that interference is the cause of a high signal-to-noise ratio is a difficult exercise to complete using the multimeter. Even more difficult – locating and potentially getting rid of the interference source.


On the other hand, you could equip each team member with a spectrum analyzer. The issue there? With most portable analyzers for FR2 typically costing around $40,000, equipping a team of 10 people begins with a whopping $400 000 investment! However, with most spectrum analyzers, you’ll most likely use 3-5 main functions of the plethora offered in the device. Also, is the 3+ kg (6.25+ lbs) device the right tool when you’re climbing towers?


Fortunately, you don’t have to pick between the two extremes. SAF Tehnika’s Spectrum Compact hits the sweet spot between improving RF testing pace and cutting the equipment costs. Our handheld spectrum analyzers allow you to complete many RF tasks, with functionality tailored for field testing applications. Our clients report 40-70% savings in time-related costs as opposed to using multimeters. To top that off, Spectrum Compact costs at least six times less than portable analyzers in the mmWave frequency range.



Why Choose Spectrum Compact?


Spectrum Compact V2 covers all the ranges needed for 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) testing, as the product family covers 0.3-43 GHz frequency spectrum. Use Spectrum Compact 0.3-3 GHz and 2-8 GHz for FR1 testing. Spectrum Compact 24-43 GHz was specifically designed for mmWave (FR2) network planning and deployment.


Spectrum Compact is a perfect stand-alone handheld analyzer for field use because of its ultra-compact size and form. It weighs only 0.57 kg (20.11 oz) and fits easily into a field engineer’s hand, without the need to bring a laptop with you for field testing. Its instant ON and logging data functions allow you to work quickly and save data efficiently for later use.


Additionally, use Spectrum Manager – free PC software – for post-measurement analysis and reporting of the recorded data. The installation and setup are quick and easy and give you the option to control Spectrum Compact remotely from any PC and export data to use with 3rd party software. The full list of Spectrum Manager functions in the leaflet or the introduction video will blow your mind!


Using the Spectrum Compact


Spectrum Compact devices are perfect for RAN testing purposes and are excellent tools for:

  • Coverage Testing
  • Interference Hunting
  • Base Station Parameter Verification

Don’t just read about it – experience using Spectrum Compact! Check out the virtual demo, which allows you to try the applications mentioned above: interference hunting, TDD signal handling, radio verification. Look for “5G Tests” in the “Applications” section. You can also watch a video tutorial playlist that provides a condensed overview of each application in 2-3 minutes.

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