Spectrum Compact Increases the Range of Its 24 – 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

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Spectrum Compact Increases the Range of Its 24 – 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

We’re starting off the new year with a long awaited upgrade for our highly-acclaimed Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzer. To cover the rising activity in higher frequencies our R&D team has increased the frequency range of the 24 – 40 GHz Spectrum Compact to 24 – 43 GHz. The main benefits of the increased range include:

  • Increased spectrum coverage to 43 GHz
  • Faster sweep time
  • Improved frequency accuracy
  • Readiness for 5G millimeter wave transmitter measurements

Spectrum Compact is a truly hand-held and easy to use test and measurement solution for the 300 MHz – 87 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. Product line consists of eight devices, each dedicated for its own frequency range. With full-range coverage and industry-leading noise floor there is simply no other device with a similar functionality, form factor and price combined.

Do not hesitate to contact your SAF distributor with any questions about the new increased range solution or write to info@saftehnika.com to learn more.

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